Leadership Framework

The Mohammed bin Rashid Leadership Framework aim to develop 8 key competencies and they are: Strategic Foresight, Global Citizenship, Disruptive Mindset, Passion & Commitment, Value Creation, People First, Diversity & Inclusion and Curiousity & Agility.

The MBR Leadership Framework aims to provide a pragmatic and scientific approach that has been tried and tested for competencies that are required in the next phase of the UAE’s development and prosperity.

The Framework was designed following several phases which included: an in-depth study of most impactful competencies in leaders in the future, in addition to a series of interviews with senior leaders. This ensured that the Framework includes the UAE’s current needs of leadership and its ambition to be a global player and leader in several sectors.

The Center will use the Framework to develop holistic, scientific and pragmatic programs that are based on experiential and applied learning in addition to peer-to-peer learning with influential leaders in their respective organisations.

Strategic Foresight

Foresee future needs and create a compelling vision for sustainable growth that mobilizes people around a higher purpose .

Global Citizenship

Build and manage global perspectives, understand dynamics and complexities, the impact on local or regional business context, to sustain strategic positioning.

Diversity & Inclusion

Create an inclusive culture which unleashes awareness of own and others’ perspectives, promotes openness and embraces differences.

Disruptive Mindset

Nurture an innovation-oriented culture, promote experimentation, and enable teams to generate breakthrough solutions, take risks and create a competitive advantage for the organization and / or the society.

Curiosity & Agility

Promote a learning culture through experiences and apply knowledge gained to new settings. Adapt approach to address the shifting demands of different situations and make appropriate and timely decisions.

Passion & Commitment

Draw on optimism and enthusiasm, align behaviours and actions with the needs, priorities and goals of the organisation and/ or the greater good, aimed at making a difference, inspiring and engaging others.


Translate vision into tangible outcomes by creating and / or maximizing the value-added to people, organizations, societies, and/ or the greater good


Investing in people through the development of individuals in a continuous basis and the provision of experiential development opportunities is our passion